An OFFLINE Content Distribution Platform for Entertainment, Education and many more !!

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What We Do

Individual choice

Select from the best collection of multimedia content


No Buffering, hyperfast streaming through our wifi hotspot.


ZERO Cost for operators and users.

No internet required

Save expensive data plans for yourself.



Make Pinut your daily travel companion in Cabs, Shuttles, Buses, Metros, Trains, Flights without worrying for internet connectivity or being pushed onto more expensive data-plans, its a win-win situation for both operators and commuters as it comes with ZERO cost !

Remote Locations

Let us help you reach every phone, no matter the location. Stream educational and entertainment content at offline locations like schools, even remote locations like villages where data connectivity is a big issue..

Captive Audience

Enjoy our Curative Multimedia Content (Movies, Kid Content, TED Talks and many more) at Airports, Hotels, Malls, Hospitals, Campus, Business Complex etc.. Deploying our WiFi Solutions at these Captive places will help to improve user interaction and killing boredom

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